About US

RIO SALES TURISMOis a company which is especialized in lodging (short-time rental furnished apartments) as well as tourism in Rio de Janeiro..Its name comes from its founder, Marcio Sales who started working in Real State in february 2004.     Since he was 19 years old, Marcio realized it was very simple to lead with the public and he decided to work with tourism at the same time he was working in Real State. As a coincidence, his surname “Sales” means exactly the same word in the English languague, which is the final product itself to be offered to the costumers.     So, we didn’t need to think about anything: RIO SALES TURISMOwas the right name for this company which has been acting in the tourism market and real state for more than 8 years offering the tourists from all over Brazil and the world the best what they can look for:     Excelente quality of service, professionalism of the staff and special price as well.   REGISTERED COMPANY – CNPJ: 12618550/0001-58

Att. Marcio Azizi Sales